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Delivering a broad selection of standard and customized filtration solutions, SL Filter is a highly experienced filtration product specialist that is sure to have what you are looking for. Since 1997, we have been producing filter products for all kinds of equipment and applications, including air filters, oil filters, fuel filters, and hydraulic filters to name a few. When browsing our list of products, do not fear if you cannot find what you need. One of our largest company advantages is our ability to produce fully customized filter products for any application.

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    1. Car Air FilterSL Filter is a professional enterprise with a specialty in designing and producing car air filters of various brands and models.
    1. Heavy Duty Air FilterBecause of harsher working environments, construction equipment, such as excavators, fork lift trucks, tractor shovels, and so on
    1. Compressor Air FilterSL Filter provides air compressor filters that can supply clean air to compressors, which protect the compressor unit from damage caused
    1. Engineering Equipment Oil FilterFor excavators, tractors, trucks, and other construction machinery, the working environment is usually full of dust.
    1. Air Compressor Oil FilterOne of SL Filter’s specialties is in providing air compressor oil filters. The compressed air containing oil enters the cooling unit
    1. Auto Fuel FilterSL Filter provides auto fuel filters which can filter out iron oxide, dust and other solid impurities from fuel. It also prevents the fuel-system
    1. Construction Machinery Fuel FilterNormally, heavy earth moving equipment uses diesel as fuel, but there is a huge difference between the quality performance of different diesel fuels.
    1. Cabin Air FilterThe cabin air filter workes as a line of defense for our breathing system while the car is in motion. The cabin air filter is mainly used to filter out the dust, impurity
    1. Air Oil SeparatorOur air-oil separator is one of the most important parts of oiled compressors. It separates the oil from compressed air, and then creates clean compressed air.

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